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Custom Vacuum Packaing Bags



Plastic&Aluminium Foil Vacuum Packaing Bags

Plastic Vacuum Packaging Bag

Some foods, such as crispy and fragile foods, meaty foods or perishable foods. After vacuum inflation packaging, the inflation pressure inside the vacuum bag is greater than the atmospheric pressure outside the packaging bag.The plastic vacuum bags can effectively prevent food from crushing and deforming, extended shelf life, and does not affect the appearance of the packaging bag and printing decoration.

Aluminium Foil Vacuum Packaing Bag

The vacuum aluminum foil bag is made of aluminum foil, biaxially oriented polypropylene, nylon, etc. The aluminum foil bag has a good waterproof and moisture-proof effect, and can be widely used in various medicines, food, cosmetics, precision instruments Packaging of instruments, large mechanical equipment and other products. Another feature of the aluminum foil bag is that it can be coated with liquid, so that the aluminum foil bag used has the best effect and can be used to package electronic products, circuit boards, etc.  For example, milk powder, health products, nutritional products, etc. are all packaged in aluminum foil bags.

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