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Packaging Bags For Various Applications

Food, we all eat every day, I believe we all know a lot of food, there will be a layer of vacuum packaging bag. It traps oxygen, which prevents spoilage and spoilage. Vacuum-packed bags also extend the shelf life of food, which is cleaner. It is also loved by all. For example, when we wear clothes every day, we will choose packaging bags for packaging, so as to avoid dirty clothes, so that the clothes will be more tidy, and convenient transportation, we buy clothes online, will use packaging bags for packaging, the use is relatively common.

Food packaging bags, mainly in order to store, fresh food, so there will be food packaging bags. Food packaging bags and food direct contact, commonly used food grade plastic film production, generally two or more layers of composite material packaging bags, can be made into vacuum packaging bags, aluminum foil bags and other materials packaging. Customized food packaging bag parameters are the number of packaging bags, size, style bag type, material, thickness, color, surface text design, as well as their own specific requirements.

Since pet foods typically require the same barrier characteristics as human foods, very similar materials are used in both industries. Stand up pouches, flat pouches and gusset bags are all very common bags in the pet food industries. PET food packaging bag material is PA/PE, PET/AL/PE, kraft paper, aluminum plating, aluminum foil material, etc. Bag type is divided into: flat bottom bag, four side sealing bag, eight side sealing bag, self-sealing bag and so on.

The packing material of coffee bag manufacturer is defined according to different kinds of coffee: 1, raw bean export packing material, using ordinary gunne bag material. 2, instant coffee packaging, using general food packaging material. 3, coffee bean (powder) packaging due to the requirements of anti-oxidation, generally will use opaque plastic composite materials, as well as more environmentally friendly kraft paper composite materials. We also have Gusset Coffee Pouch with Valve.

Stand Up Spout Bags For Liquid Juice

In comparison to the normal plastic bottle, glass jars, aluminum cans, spout pouch are cost save in production, space, transportation, storage, and also it is recyclable.It is refillable and can be easily carried with a tight seal and is much lighter in weight. This makes it more and more preferable for new buyers. Plastic spout pouch can be used widely used in a lot of industries. With a tight spout seal, it acts as a good barrier guaranteeing freshness, flavor, fragrance, and nutritional qualities or chemical potency. Especially used in: Liquid, beverage, drinks, wine, juice, honey, sugar, sauce, packaging Bone broth, squashes, purees lotions, detergent, cleaners, oils, fuels, etc.


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