Why does food need packaging bag?

Stand Up Food Bag-1

The processed food is sent to various regions, which is why the food needs to be packaging bag. Benefits of food packaging bags:
1. Protect food and extend the shelf life of food
2. Food must be handled, loaded, unloaded, transported, and stored during the entire circulation process, which is likely to cause damage to the appearance of the food. After the food is packaged internally and externally, the food can be well protected to avoid damage.
3. Protect the original quality of food and extend the shelf life of food
4. Increase the variety of convenience foods, which are convenient for consumers and have local flavors. They can only be circulated after being packaged. To enable exchanges of famous and high-quality foods from all over the country and increase the variety of people’s daily foods.
5. Convenient cooking foods to prevent food contamination, using special packaging technology, and fresh foods, such as quick-frozen dumplings, packaged meals and preservation technology, can be convenient for people to eat
6. When the food is in circulation, it must be in contact with the container and human hands, which is easy to cause the food to be contaminated. The packaged food can avoid this phenomenon, which is beneficial to the health of consumers.
7. Promote food competition and increase food sales.

The material of the stand-up composite bag is composite material, including BOPP/PET/NY+PET/AL/PETAL/Kraft Paper/+LLDPE/CPP, It can be moisture-proof and waterproof, and has excellent sealing performance, which plays a key role in food preservation and transportation.

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